Course Description

Are you interested in Website Designing courses in Lahore? Do you have a knack for creating great user experience? Do mobile-first and responsiveness excite your imagination? If that’s the case, Hfarazm Courses brings you one of the best Website Designing courses in Lahore.

If you need to choose your career as a Web Designer, Hfarazm Courses is the right platform to turn that dream into reality. When your interest is your work, you shine brighter than any other person in that field. Joining Website Designing short courses in Lahore will also increase your potential to earn good money either freelance or with software or media houses. Hfarazm is the ideal destination for people who love website designing as well as for industry professionals looking to enhance their professional skills as a website designer.

Whether you are a student, a dabbler who loves website designing or a professional already working in this field, we attract a diverse mix of enthusiasts of Website Designing in Lahore.

So Who Should Enrol in Our Website Designing Courses in Lahore?

• Students of Information Technology & Software
• Conventional Website Designer who want to do freelancing
• Anyone interested in a proper certification in Website Designing courses in Lahore
• People already working as website designer who want to learn the latest tools and tricks
• Employees of website designing oriented companies and software houses who want to polish their skills in UI/UX.
• Advertisers who want to make use of website designing to better promote products and services
• Website designers looking for renowned website designing short courses in Lahore.
• UI Designer

What Should You Expect To Learn From Website Designing Courses in Lahore at Hfarazm Software?

• Hfarazm Software offers the best Website designing courses in Lahore with a team of in-house skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals having years of working experience in UI designing so you can expect to learn it from the very best
• Training on live projects to enhance your web design abilities
• In-house professional trainers who remain in the contact with the students even after the completion of website designing short courses in Lahore to provide everlasting support for your website designing career
• You will learn diverse and exciting new ways to develop UI skills
• Our trainers will teach you industry best practices in the field of website designing
• Full understanding of a range of Design Methods and tools / software
• Integration of photography and graphics designing
• Practical training of famous and most used software platforms including WordPress.

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our Web Designing short courses in Lahore:

  1. Introduction1 session
    1. Full-stack VS Front-end
    2. User Experience and UI
    3. Core concepts and terminology
    4. User Interface trends
    5. Tools introduction & installations
    6. GIT
    7. Snippets Management
    8. Quiz
  2. Basic HTML2 sessions
    1. Plan, Process & sketch
    2. Quick Design tricks
    3. Learn HTML & Validation
    4. Learn Semantic, Logical & Physical tags
    5. Block Level vs Inline
    6. Core Concepts
    7. Project: Basic Page Skeleton
    8. AMP Pages Basics
    9. Project: AMP Skeleton
  3. CSS 3 sessions
    1. Basic Photoshop and Illustrator
    2. Typography
    3. Cascading, Inheritance
    4. Box Model
    5. Positioning
    6. Responsiveness
    7. Debugging
    8. Project: Static Landing Page
    9. Advanced topics
    10. Bootstrap 4
    11. Animations
    12. Project: Bootstrap Page Template Design
    13. Browser Compatibility
    14. Adaptive Web Design
    15. LESS, SASS
    16. Project: One-Page site design
  4. JavaScript – 3 Sessions
    1. Basics of Node, NPM
    2. Fundamentals of jQuery
    3. Interacting with DOM
    4. Event Handling
    5. Working with AJAX
    6. Project: Slideshow & Carousel
    7. Introduction to JQuery UI
    8. jQuery Forms
    9. Chart.JS
    10. Bug Fixing
    11. Tips & Tricks
    12. Project: Interactive UI Form Project
  5. Advanced HTML52 session (optional)
    1. Offline Applications
    2. Geo Location
    3. Web Storage
    4. Web Worker
    5. Web Sockets
    6. Microdata
    7. Project: Progressive Web Application
  6. React – 2 sessions (optional)
    1. Intro to React and React native
    2. Components, JSX, Events, Form, States
    3. Project: Cards App
    4. Project: Star Game
    5. Project: Quiz Component
  7. WordPress Customizations – 3 sessions (optional)
    1. Visual Builders
    2. Sliders design
    3. Plugins usage
    4. Page template design
    5. Forms & inputs
    6. Backup / Migrations
    7. Responsive images & more
  8. CMS – 2 sessions
    1. WordPress – Installation, Theme Setup, plugin customizations & techniques
    2. WIX – Setup, walk around and quick fixing techniques
    3. Shopify – Setup & Frontend changes
    4. Guide to web hosting – pros and cons
    5. 10 Tasks: WordPress Site Customizations
  9. Final Steps – 2 sessions
    1. Freelance sites introduction and profile setup
    2. Sales, clients management & TOS guide
    3. Linkedin profile building
    4. Resume Building & Portfolio presentation techniques
    5. Interview tips
    6. Certificates for successful candidates
    7. Feedback, Suggestions
    8. Counseling
    9. What’s next
    10. Job placement for high achievers