How We Work

We believe in teamwork, as a key to success. Following our principal values, we strive to achieve our goal by innovation, reliability, care and loads of motivation. We are eager to deliver something more than expectations. Have all the leverage you need by our exclusive and remarkable services. Hfarazm offers one of a kind website design, development, security, optimization, SEO and maintenance services. We know how to deliver an outstanding solution that accord with all specified requirements while staying within time and budget limits. So, get privileges of our services on a single click.

Web Development

Internet is the major source of information in today`s world. Everybody goes to google or Yahoo or any popular search engine if they need any information ,authentication or need to find something new. So, if you are running a business or planning to do so and you don`t have a website can be a big draw back. The first thing people are going to do to authenticate your self is through your website and if you don`t have one, means you don`t exist at all.

We can solve this problem is no time. Our web development services are here to facilitate you. We have a thick working portfolio in field of web development and we work in most of the popular and modern web development technologies.

So if you a business owner, blogger, service provider, manufacturer or educationist, allow us to help you in getting your very own virtual identity, a website.

Web Security

No one can deny the importance and role of website now a days. It is the most popular source of information. But it also makes a website prone to attacks.

If a website is not secure, it means that people can hack into it and alter or steal any of information, use your website for a propaganda or they can take down the whole website results in the complete loss of all data and important information. In most of such cases one has to re-develop the whole website causing the loss of time as well as money and in case of an e-commerce website then a insecure website means direct access to the customer credit cards and online payment information which can be disastrous.

So, securing a website is as important as having a website itself. So if you already have a website then we can secure it or can create a secure website for you from ground up. We can save you from a number of attacks including SSL, Brute force attacks and SQL injection e.t.c.

So feel free to contact us and get yourself secured today.


Everybody who owns a business oriented website is well aware of the importance of high ranking on search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing e.t.c. Search engines are entry point for a person looking for a service or goods. So, a website with good search engine ranking means more people visiting your website.

We provide SEO services meeting all your requirement. We are skilled in white hat SEO techniques. We can optimize your website based on your target audience and geographical area. We provide both on-page and off-page seo services including Key word research, titles, descriptions, headings, content optimization and others.

So feel free to contact us and achieve an outstanding ranking website today.

Website Review

If you are a website owner or an application developer for windows or IOS and need expert`s reviews for a product you own or for own creation.

You can avail our review services. Our experts will analyze your product from each and every aspect and will give valuable advice for your website. They will help you in improving your website design, user experience, performance, security and ranking as well.

In-case of an app we will review it for UI/UX design, performance, user experience and much more.

So, get your website or application reviewed today.


Corporate identity is the face and the interface of your brand. It’s about the look, feel and visual elements of your product, so it must articulate what you want your Brand to be. Uniquely tailored to your positioning, your Corporate Brand Identity must be uniformly conveyed across communication channels (internal as well as external) and stamp all your marketing collateral, at all consumer touch points.

We provide the best branding, logo designing and social media icons/ image designing services. Our experts will portray your thoughts and ideas on paper and make it an identity for your business.

Feel free to contact us and get your product branded today.


It is the art of improving websites to optimize the visitor experience and conversion rates, resulting in high visitor satisfaction and high repeat visit rates.

If you have a website and your website needed optimization then we can provide you the best website optimization services for website. It includes website speed & performance, quality assurance, W3C, syntax and style analysis and CSS optimization.

Contact us and we will be happy to optimize your website.

Web Maintenance

Website maintenance plays a key role in smooth running of a website. A website requires continuous maintenance and up gradation. In today`s world where new technologies are being launched everyday the old ones become obsolete. As a result a website may crash or present unwanted errors or problems.

To save you and your website visitor from such problems, we provide maintenance services. For this purpose we work mutually for your benefit. Both of us keep an eye on the website and in case of any problem we fix it at once, or if you find an issue you can contact us 24/7 through email, skype or sms.

We have 3 different plans to serve your needs. For details contact us and we will provide you complete details of our web maintenance services.

Game Development

As the most popular category of app, games have the potential to reach an incredible number of users. Whether passing a few minutes with a casual puzzle or getting engrossed in an interactive story line, mobile device users love games. Games offer several alternatives for monetization. The simplest is the pay-to-download model, in which a user pays a certain amount to download the game initially. Much more common now is the in-app purchase model in which the game itself is free, but special powers, additional vehicles, and other extras can be bought within the game.

So if you want to have a cool game of your own or have a cool idea that can get viral in market, we can help you. We have a vast experience of game development and have a bunch of games running successfully on app stores. So contact us and have a game of your own based on your ideas.


Mobile apps are the most common and shortest way of accessing a web application. If you are a service provider, blogger or an owner of a online store than having a mobile application along with your website will be of great importance. It can create a difference between you and other service providers.

We can provide you a mobile application either stand alone or integrated with your website to allow an easy access to your services. We are expert in multi plat form app development that can run on all modern operating systems and devices including IOS, Android, Windows etc.

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