Course Description

Server Administration Fundamentals is an computer networking topic that includes server installation and configuration, server roles, storage, Active Directory and Group Policy, file, print, and web services, remote access, virtualization, application servers, troubleshooting, performance, and reliability.

This course comprises multiple lessons that use DNS and DHCP Server to study and experiment with server administration.

At the heart of all networks, we have servers, and many of those networks run on Windows. In part 1 of this 2-part course, we’ll begin exploring the basics of Windows Server administration on Windows Server 2008 R2. This will include hardware components, installation, and basic management of a Windows Server. You’ll get a base foundation of knowledge in Windows Server. This course is designed for entry-level IT Pros and Developers. Some experience with Windows operating systems and networking will be helpful, but is not a requirement to be successful.

  • Students looking to pass the MTA exam
  • Anyone interested in Microsoft Server platforms
  • A Desire To Learn Microsoft Server Fundamentals
  • General IT knowledge
  1. Install Windows Server 2008 and 2012 from scratch
  2. Identify and implement basic roles and features
  3. Understand Active Directory
  4. Manage server resources, permissions, shares and storage
  5. Troubleshoot and maintain Windows Server 2008 and 2012
  6. Understand virtualization, remote access and security concepts
  7. Cheat sheets and exam tips

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our Servers Administrator Fundamentals short course in Lahore:

Active Directory (5 Hours)

  • Preparing Active Directory – 30 Mins
    • Domain Vs Workgroup
    • Global Catalog, Domain Controllers, Child Domains, AD Replication
  • Active Directory Roles – 30 Mins
    • Operation Master Roles
    • Domain Group Policy, Domain Controller Group Policy
  • DNS & DHCP Server– 1 Hour
    • Understand DNS server, configure DNS and records, maintenance of DNS
    • Understand DHCP Server, DHCP Types, 
  • Concept of Domain, Forests & Sites – 30 Mins
    • Understanding Domain, forests and sites.
    • Understanding domain levels and forest level.
  • Domain Users & Security Groups – 30 Mins
    • Domain Accounts, Local Account, Groups, Group Types & Scopes, OU, Delegation, Computer accounts 

Lab – 2 Hours

File Server (2 Hours)

  • Planning & Preparing File Server – 30 Mins
    • File Server Configuration
    • DFS Name Spaces
    • File Server Resource Manager
    • Creating Volumes
    • Deduplication
  • Permission Types and setting up permission – 30 Mins
    • Share Permissions, Security Permissions
    • Understanding & Configuring Inheritance

Lab Practice – 1 Hour

Application Servers (1 Hour)

  • Identify Application Servers and their roles
  • Introduction to MS Exchange, MS SQL, Web Server


Storage (3 Hours)

  • Types of storages – 30 Mins
  • Understanding DAS NAS SAN – 30 Mins
  • Configuring NAS & SAN environment – 1 Hour

Lab Practice – 1 Hour

Backup Server (4 Hours)

  • Planning Backup – 30 Mins
  • Backup Types – 1 Hour
  • Installation of Backup Software – 30 Mins
  • Features & Configuration of Backups – 1 Hour

Lab Practice (1 Hour)

Final Test (1 Hour)