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Green Mileage

hamza Branding

Green Mileage is our dear client having a bio fuel company. They want to renew the logo of their website reflecting the look and feel of the company. For this purpose ...

Impressive Infographics

hamza Branding

Impressive Info graphics, is about developing info graphics that bring together intelligent design and crisp content. he is our very dear client and running their business online. They want a logo ...

Julian Kipka

hamza Branding

Julian Kipka is our dear client running a personal photography brand. They wanted to flourish their business online, for that they were in the need of a logo. To have ...


rabia Branding

Get Noticed is the name of the company. They want a logo for their website reflecting their look and feel of the company. For this purpose, they contacted Hfarazm software. ...

B-ready emergency preparedness

hamza Branding

B-ready emergency preparedness is the name of the company and a deal site which is solely for the emergency preparedness. B-Ready delivers preparedness solutions for organizations, individuals, families, and schools. ...


hamza Branding

ITartufi is the name of the company and a deal site which is solely for the Truffle Fruit. A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the ...

Graffiti Glamour

rabia Branding

Hungry Deals is the name of the company and a deal site which is solely for dining deals.The dining deals featured are mainly 1-for-1 main course, 50% off total bill, ...