Course Description

If you are ready to learn how your organization can do more with Windows Desktop Environment, you’re in the right place. Hfarazm Desktop Administrator Course can help you get started quickly from product exploration to deep training and certification. Hfarazm Software offers best Desktop Administrator training in Bahria Town, Lahore.

Our instructors will expertly convey the skills needed to effectively manage Windows 10 desktops and devices in a corporate environment. With topics including group policy, device registration, network connectivity, and security, your Windows 10 training from Global Knowledge will prepare you for the challenges faced in the modern IT workplace.

Offer: Get a free 4 Hours Networking Training after completing this course.

This course is for sysadmins, IT professionals, and developers who want to learn Windows 10 for administration purposes. This course will immensely benefit Windows administrators who are proficient in Windows 7 and want to update their skills to Windows 10.

This course is targeted for individuals who are upgrading from a previous version of Windows on their home or corporate computer.

The course is designed for those curious about the key highlights of Windows.

The target student is someone with the ambition to work smarter that has the desire to get more out of Windows 10.

By the end of the course, you’ll be very confident in carrying out administrative tasks with Windows 10 in your organization using the skills you acquired here.

  • Carry out administrative tasks by optimizing Windows 10 in your organization
  • Install/upgrade Windows 10 and personalize your UI
  • Develop the core skills needed to administer multitasking in Windows 10
  • Secure your Windows 10 environment by applying best practices
  • Maintain and troubleshoot common problems with Windows 10
  • Set up your Windows 10 environment for virtualization with Hyper-V


This track helps you understand the desktop environment. Choose this to join IT Technical Support Team.

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our Desktop Administrator short course in Lahore:

  1. Operating System Configurations (1 Hour)
    1. Understand OS, Drivers, CPU, x86 x64 Architecture
    2. Configure Control Panel & Desktop Settings
    3. Configure native applications: Cortana, MSCONFIG, Computer Management, Task Manager
    4. Configure User Management Tools: MMC, PowerShell Console
  2. Installation & Upgrade (30 Mins)
    1. Identify OS Types & Requirements
    2. Installation Types: Clean Install, Upgrade, Removable Media Installation and Network Installation
    3. Understand User Profiles, Local & Roaming Profiles
  3. Managing Applications, Files & Folders, Devices (30 Mins)
    1. Understand local & network applications
    2. Uninstalling applications
    3. Understand FAT, NTFS and ReFS
    4. Understand Bit Locker and Encrypting File System (EFS)
    5. Understand Group Policy and its configuration
  4. Configure Hardware, Network, Shared Folders, Remote Connectivity (2 Hours)
    1. Understand Physical Ports, connect plug & play devices, Bluetooth devices, install printers and device drivers.
    2. Understand Device Manager
    3. Understand Storage Device Types (eSATA, USB, IEEE 1394, iSCSI) Storage Drive Types (Primary, Basic, Extended, Logical, Dynamic, VHD
    4. Configure Network Settings, IP settings, Network Types, Wireless Security, Network Discovery.
    5. Understand File & Print Sharing, File Sharing, Share Permissions, Shared Printers 
    6. Understand Remote connectivity
  5. OS Maintenance, File & System Recovery (30 Mins)
    1. Understand Backup & Recovery Methods
    2. Configure System Restore, Recovery Drive, Advance Boot Options, OneDrive Recovery
    3. Use Maintenance Tools: Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup. 
    4. Configure Firewall, Antivirus Settings.
    5. Configure Windows Updates.
  6. Operating System Deployment Infrastructure (30 Mins)
    1. Deploying Windows 10 using Windows System Image Manager
    2. Create Answer File
    3. Deploy using Unattended Installation
  7. Lab Practice (2 Hours)

Final Test 1 Hour



       Free Networking Basics (4 Hours)

  • Fundamentals of Networking (2 Hours)
      • Network Devices Introduction
      • Network Topologies, Cable Types, Network Connectivity
      • Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Virtual Switch & Firewall
      • Concept of Routing and Routing Protocols
  • Lab Practice (2 Hours)


  • Setting up environment and connectivity basics of Routers & Switches (2 Hours)


      • How to connect to a router
      • Understanding initial setup of router
      • Configuration basics of router


  • Concept of Routing Protocols (1 Hour)


      • What is routing protocol
      • Understanding VLAN
      • Communication between switch & router


  • Lab Practice (2 Hours)