Course Description

Designers will obtain an understanding of design principles and an extensive introduction to Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and the skills needed to designs posts, branding, logos, flyers, stationary, business cards, billboards, photo-editing and posters. In addition to this, they will also gain insight into how to advertise a brand.

This course is aimed at individuals ranging from beginners to individuals with up to 3 years of job experience in their field.

What Should You Expect To Learn From Graphic Designing Courses in Lahore at Hfarazm Software?

  • Hfarazm Software offers the best Graphic Designing courses in Bahria Town, Lahore with a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals having years of working experience in graphic designing so you can expect to learn it from the very best
  • Training on live projects to enhance your designing abilities.
  • In-house professional trainers who remain in the contact with the students even after the completion of Graphic Designing short courses in Lahore to provide everlasting support for your graphic designing career
  • You will learn diverse and exciting new ways to develop graphic skills
  • Our trainers will teach you industry best practices in the field of Graphics Designing
  • Full understanding of a range of Design Methods and tools / software
  • Integration of photography and graphics designing
  • Practical training of famous and most used software platforms including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our Graphic Designing short courses in Lahore:

  1. Introduction1 session
    1. Why Graphic Designing and course outcomes
    2. Software Installations
    3. Purpose of Photoshop and Illustrator
    4. New File settings, open, save, import
    5. Getting to know UI, workspace and basic tools
    6. Requirements gathering and essentials tips
    7. How to design a business card?
    8. Resizing, Rotating, Alignments
    9. Project: Design a business card
    10. Technique to choose colors
  2. Basic Photo Editing2 sessions
    1. Working with artboards
    2. Using Photoshop Search
    3. Layers Basics
    4. Using pen Tool
    5. Selections & cropping
    6. How to remove background?
    7. Working with Blending options
    8. Photo editing & retouching
    9. Filters & Effects
    10. Project: Creative photo editing

More coming soon!