Web Designing and 2017

Web Designing is really a very interesting field. A web designer is a “combo” of graphic designer and a front-end developer BUT if you don’t know what’s trending then you are doomed as a designer. Do not worry! We are here to help you out. Keep in the mind that:

  1. Change is the only CONSTANT: If you are not going to change with the time, you will be crushed by others,
  2.  Stop doing FREE WORK  for every other person, it brings you no gain
  3. Deeply UNDERSTAND: Go through it multiple times to grab the concept in its true sense,
  4. CRITICISM is beneficial for your evolution: A good web designer should be able to welcome the criticism to prosper in future, and lastly
  5. Do not COMPARE your work with others: You are the best so is your design

Now moving on to the ACTUAL thing, we have following for you to ace as a web designer:


Graphic Design encompasses various skills that are helpful in web design. Three important angles of graphic designing that lay its foundations are:

  • Color harmony / Color theory: Not all colors work well together. A designer should understand the color harmony. It helps you to get an edge in designing website that looks pleasing to the eye.
  • Grid Systems: Grid systems for designing your website is very very important. It definitely gives you an edge when pitching for your jobs to the potential customers out there.
  • Photography: Photography is another important area. FRAMING of pictures makes the difference in multiple same pictures. You need to know that cropping the picture using the RULE of THIRDS or the GOLDEN RATIO is the key in getting the right frames.



User Experience or UX is very important in web design.  Now, the most frustrating thing about the internet is going to a website where it takes you time to find what you are looking for. The ultimate solution to your problem is UX. It enables you to layout your website such that it is convenient for the visitors to navigate around the website easily and gets to what they are looking for without stressing in two to three clicks.




Responsive designs is when the website automatically resizes for you and changes the look according to the mobile device such as that of an iPad or tablet or smart phone. They get you more traffic than a static design so always make your website responsive. Bootstrap /Foundation are commonly used to add responsiveness in your website.



Go ahead and try to answer this question: “What good is a website which does not have the foundation of SEO built into it?” There won’t be any satisfactory answer to it. So SEO is a key addition to the services that you can pitch as a web designer. Understanding where to put your keywords in your website and how to do “keyword research” and “keyword competitiveness” is very very useful.


A web design with a merger of colors, grids, images, SEO, responsiveness and UX is a key to success of your website on the whole. Learn these skills to grab those web designing jobs you are eyeing upon.

This is all from us. Do let us know what you think about the article in the comments section below.