Skill Location

mubeen Security, Web Development

Cosi is a dear client from Germany. She owns Skill Location. Skill Location is a firm of consultants and trainers who have been training, holding presentations and consulting assignments for many ...

Sling Shot Life

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Slingshot Life is a concierge group. This group provides B2B, MDU and SFU services in residency. They needed web design and development services. Camp B, our client from the United ...
tec-services-home-page-web design-development-optimization-portfolio-hfarazm

TEC Services

Shah Jehan Optimization, Web Development

TEC Services, Inc. situated in metropolitan Atlanta, USA. They wanted web design in ASP. Hfarazm needed to create, debug and deploy site on the live server. The requirement was to create the ...

Effective Governance

Sarmad Javaid Website Review

Doral from Australia provides evaluation services. She had a website which needed a detailed review. Hfarazm software was given the task of website review. Hfarazm website review services included website ...

Roshni Gandhi

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Roshni Gandhi is Attorney for Entrepreneurs in California, US. She wanted full professional web design and development but yet simple. Client provided us example link of one page site concept along with ...

Persofi Management

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Persofi - Personalised Financial Management Solutions is our Israel based client, wanted full web design & development to create his company profile. Client provided us few competitors link and showed us ...