Pakistan Day Celebration

Pakistan Resolution Day ( یوم پاکستان), is a national holiday in Pakistan to honour the Lahore Resolution of 1940. We celebrate this day on March 23 of each year throughout the country in Pakistan. Businesses, government sector, and educational institutions remain closed, apart from some multinational organizations. The parade in Islamabad at constitution avenue is the main feature of Pakistan day celebration. Parties, festivals, national song competitions, and debate competitions are organized on this day. Most people spend quality time with their friends and families. People go for outing and attend ceremonies and exhibitions.

Pakistan Day Celebration at Work

Pakistan day is national holiday so we celebrated it one day earlier. Staff was informed and gathered at content writers section. It started off with recitation and then our CEO motivated us by quoting message of the founder of Pakistan i.e “Unity, Faith, Discipline”. Mr. Hafiz described the hard work and struggle of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal & many other for this beautiful land of Pakistan. He further said, if we work harder intelligently, pay attention & remain consistent then success is the destiny. After all the motivational stuff, employees had tasty Biryani lunch, mint margarita and snacks by our special office chef.

New Update on Resolution Day

We at Hfarazm Software working together for brighter future of Pakistan in Information Technology sector. We made live a local fun project by the name, we encouraged our employees to post anything they like on this site for quite some time following a specific template focused mainly on Urdu in an effort to promote local fun stuff. It’s basically an entertainment platform in the Urdu language.