Corker Publishing

khizra Customizations, Web Design

Brad is our dear and loyal client from US. He hired us to deliver web design services for Corker Publishing. Corker Publishing aims to provide excellent books with a fusion of ...
mind-control-x-home-web development-optimization-portfolio-hfarazm

Mind Control X

Shah Jehan Optimization, Web Development

Thomson from US wrote a book “Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma”. For that book, he required web development and optimization services form Hfarazm Software. He provided design to our development team. Our ...

Sloan Weekly

Hafiz Faraz Web Design

Sloan Weekly is our Florida based client, wanted web design fixes and aesthetic enhancements. Client provided clear instructions and showed us the type of work that he would like to have done. After ...

Pòlen Editorial

Sarmad Javaid Web Design, Web Development

Sone from Brazil needed a website for an online book store. He assigned the task of web design, development to Hfarazm software. Hfarazm team had to create a design that could attract book readers. ...