Clever System

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Korab from Germany needed a website designed and developed for his IT agency. Hfarazm Software was given the task to fulfill design and development requirements of website from every aspect. A multi-page ...

Shark Design

Hafiz Faraz Web Design

Shark Design is our Hong Kong based client, wanted professional service that can make partial changes to existing web design without any error. Client was very clear in his requirement and wanted it ...

Roshni Gandhi

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Roshni Gandhi is Attorney for Entrepreneurs in California, US. She wanted full professional web design and development but yet simple. Client provided us example link of one page site concept along with ...

Curators Coffee London

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Curators Coffee London is our UK based client, wanted full web design with professional pixel perfection. Client provided us product images and showed us the type of work that he would like to ...