rabia Branding

Get Noticed is the name of the company. They want a logo for their website reflecting their look and feel of the company. For this purpose, they contacted Hfarazm software. ...

Clever System

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Korab from Germany needed a website designed and developed for his IT agency. Hfarazm Software was given the task to fulfill design and development requirements of website from every aspect. A multi-page ...

Shark Design

Hafiz Faraz Web Design

Shark Design is our Hong Kong based client, wanted professional service that can make partial changes to existing web design without any error. Client was very clear in his requirement and wanted it ...

Atlas Captives

Hafiz Faraz Optimization, Web Design, Web Development

Victor is a client from the United States. Atlas Insurance Management(AIM) is a management firm. It provides innovative captive insurance strategies for all kinds of companies. Victor wanted web design, development and ...