Clever System

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

Korab from Germany needed a website designed and developed for his IT agency. Hfarazm Software was given the task to fulfill design and development requirements of website from every aspect. A multi-page ...

CCC Window Cleaning

Sarmad Javaid Security, SEO, Web Development

Jared is owner of CCC Window Cleaning Firm. He needed a website for his business promotion. Hfarazm Software had to do web development, SEO and Security management. Website design was provided ...

Atlas Captives

Hafiz Faraz Optimization, Web Design, Web Development

Victor is a client from the United States. Atlas Insurance Management(AIM) is a management firm. It provides innovative captive insurance strategies for all kinds of companies. Victor wanted web design, development and ...


Hafiz Faraz Optimization, Web Design, Web Development

Zee is our client from the United Kingdom. He runs a privately held company, "Hey". The company creates and develops internet properties for clients and its own goals. He contacted ...

York Print

Hafiz Faraz Web Design, Web Development

York Print Company, as the name suggests, is a printing facility. They are our clients from the United Kingdom. For their business, they needed the web services, including the web design ...